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a cycle of live electronic compositions for children and amateurs

Flints : 4 performers at 4 computers realizing a graphic score

layD : a rhythmic work with a delay effect (for any melodic instrument)

Twice : a computer processing the sound of a woodwind player

Pianosphere I : 2 performers at 2 computers adding algorithmic layers to the piano part

A small fraction of all the noise I,II,III : three works based on filtered noise

Dngggg : gong and glockenspiel with an effect added by the computer


All sound in Flints are based upon granular synthesis. The four performers at their computers perform as in a chamber music ensemble, they listen and react to each other and follow their (graphical) score.

instrumentation: 4 computers (played with the mouse and the computer keyboard)

software: Pure Data (free and open source software) and this patch. Unzip this file, all files should be in the same folder. Start Pure Data and open the file 'flints-7.pd'

score: here

additional hardware: 2 speakers

recording: this is a recording of the first minutes of Flints, performed by pupils.