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>>> here are some files that I have made for the Reaktor-software (visual programming sound software, like PD or Max, all files for Reaktor version 4).

grainsudio-v1.ens: ensemble to experiment with all kinds of granular synthesis (5 MB, sound samples included)

event-analyser.mdl: macro that outputs the maximum, minimum, average value, average length, number of events and the % within a defined range of incoming events

event-mirror.mdl: events are mirrored around a central value

minimum-pass.mdl: the smallest value of 4 inputs is passed through

octave.mdl: octave: incoming pitches can be transposed 1. to the same octave 2. to two different octaves (with a split point above and under a midi-note; pitches above and under the split point can be transposed to diferent octaves)

speed-to-pitchshift.mdl: in = speed of the tapedeck, out = pitchshift needed (in semitones) to recreate the original pitch

ratio-counter.mdl: counter with speed and length control and proportion between 0 and 1 outputs (kind of event/time filter)